jueves, 5 de abril de 2007

About this Blog (English Version)

Originally, I decided to devote this blog to the New York City Subway, as a supplement to my website, opened in july of 2001, because blogs allow you to post news very fast, more than if you decide to do the same using HTML.

I was move to make my website, because I felt that this great mean of transportation is poorly portrait in Spanish, besides being one of the most portrayed subways in all the world. The page that pushed me to do so, was this one, written in both English and Chinese, by Chao-Hwa Chen, raised between The Bronx and Taiwan.

He, as I, was a customary rider of the subway (Do you know of any New Yorker, who doesn't ride the Subway?). I loved (like him) to ride in the first car and see through the window, the twists of the tracks, the traffic lights, the complexity of the system... I was raised watching the #1 train running over the elevated tracks, on Inwood, near my native Washington Heights (similary, he liked to hear the #4 train rumbling through his native Bronx).

Internet allowed to me to learn a lot of aspects of the New York City Subway and I wanted to pass this things I learned to the people who are not able to speak English or other languages. This is my little contribution to this great network and to the City where I was born.

Later, my couple Blueberrygirl, great lover of New York, as I am, pushed me to take outside of me, the New Yorker that's inside of me, and I began to focus this site as a way to reflect my experiences as a NY'er, or to tell what I would I do if would visit the city today; things that not always are well reflected in a conventional travel guide.

This is one of the best advices I'd never been given; I reflected things that I never thought I would tell, away from my relatives, but, BESIDES OF ALL, this was a way to meet wonderful people through the world wide web.

To everyone who visit my page, thanks a lot!, and I hope you enjoy the visit.

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